Servitec 30 Vacuum Spray De-Aeration System

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Lowara Servitec automatically eliminates air from heating and chilled water systems in a quick and efficient manner.
Removing air from sealed heating and chilled water systems can be a long arduous and costly process, installing an automatic de-aeration unit will ensure the system runs quietly and efficiently in all areas of the building.
The Lowara Servitec 30 is designed to operate with systems up to 8m³ but can be extended to cover 12m³ systems with a maximum system pressure of 3 bar.
A Lowara pressurisation unit should be used to make up the system water content and monitor for low/high pressures. On small systems where low/high pressure interlocks are not required the Servitec can control a basic fill unit in place of a full pressurisation unit.

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