Sekamatik 10 Compact wastewater lifting station with macerator

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Sekamatik 10 is a compact, cost effective, odor free and easy to install solution for handling domestic wastewater in buildings. It’s the ideal solution whenever sanitary appliances are located where the main sewer system can’t be reached by gravity. Like an extra toilet or a bathroom in the basement or in an attic.

The Sekamatik 10 operates fully automatic and up to three sanitary units can be connected.

The Sekamatik 10 is very easy to install. The very compact footprint allows installation under a wash basin, behind the toilet or in other confined spaces. The macerator will efficiently cut incoming particles allowing the use of small pipe diameter.

The models:

10E 8M: unit with stainless steel pump, suitable for grey water.
10E 7M and 15M: units with macerator, suitable for wastewater containing fecal matters


  • Delivery: up to 16 m³/h
  • Head: up to 18 m
  • Volume (total): up to 11 l
  • Power supply: Singlephase 50 Hz
  • Power: up to 0,35 kW
  • Temperature of pumped liquid: max 35 °C
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